San Sal is about 12 miles long, and 5 miles wide. Use this map as a guide to locate locations indicated.

Christopher Columbus made his first landfall on San Salvador on October 12, 1492. Originally called "Guanahani" by the native Lucayan people who where summarily dispatched. (Watch out for that rock Chris!)

Please prepare for landing, San Salvador Airport was once a US military base.

You won't find a food court here, but you don't have to worry about airport traffic!

There is a duty free shop that sells liquor and souvenirs and Wendy’s Snack Bar across the street.

Heading into town. You can do your shopping in Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn) where there are several grocery stores. The White and Yellow building in this shot is Russels.

The Building on the left is the old jail house.

This cross is located at Long Bay, on the West coast of the island. It is one of the the four locations claiming to be where Columbus was to have landed. This is the actual site though because I was there (just kidding, I'm not that old!)

This is the Mexican Monument which kept the Olympic flame during the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico City.

These are the remains of Watling's Castle which was actually a plantation run buy the British Settlers. I guess they realized the soil wasn't the best for farming.

These next few pictures are of Pigeon Creek located on the South Eastern part of the island.

Pigeon Creek is an estuary with calm warm waters and plenty of marine life. Lots of baby Groupers and Stingrays.

Very quite and peaceful one of my favorite places on the island, maybe the planet.

There is also some amazing birdlife throughout the island.

I wonder if their parents told them “You’ll be a big star one day.”?

Kids just love this stuff.

The Eastern part of the island is very secluded, if you like long walks to get away from it all there is no better place.

This destination is located at the end of the previous photo. To your East there is nothing but ocean for about four thousand miles. I love this spot.

On this spot Christopher Columbus first set foot on the soil of the new world. Erected by the Chicago Herald June 15, 1891. So the monument says. It Looks to me as if someone is being flipped off.

Now you're cooking with gas! Dixon Hill Lighthouse built in 1887 is one of the few remaining manually-operated lighthouses in the world. The mechanics are really old school and the view is something else.

A short walk down the hill from the lighthouse you can do a little spelunking, ask the lighthouse keeper the way. These caves are really cool so don’t forget your flashlight!

Grahms Harbour on thhe North of the island, fish fry anyone?

This was a Haitian boat which ran a ground, it has since broken apart, but it made a great photo-op.

Home sweet home. Concluding our tour the Blue House is on the right, atop Victoria Hill.